20-27 February 2019
HSE Study Center “Voronovo”
Europe/Moscow timezone

The amplitude spectrum of the responses of the Cherenkov water detector at registration of events in conjunction with the facility PRISMA-32

22 Feb 2019, 20:00
HSE Study Center “Voronovo”

HSE Study Center “Voronovo”

Voronovskoe, Moscow Russian Federation
Board: 18
Poster [portrait A1 or landscape A0] Poster Session


Alexander Bulan (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI)


The work is devoted to reconstruction of the energy of the cores of extensive air showers, registered by the Cherenkov Water Calorimeter NEVOD [1] and the cluster of detectors of electromagnetic and neutron components of secondary cosmic rays PRISMA-32 [2].
Cherenkov Water Calorimeter (CWC) is a pool with a volume of 2000 m3 filled with distilled water. In the pool there are 91 quasi-spherical detection module with 6 photomultipliers PMT-200 in each. CWC NEVOD allows to measure the energy release of the cores of EAS.
PRISMA-32 is a cluster of 32 en-detectors based on ZnS(Ag)+LiF scintillator with an area of 0.36 m2, allowing to simultaneously register the electron-photon component and thermal neutrons component of the EAS.
Description of the method of searching for joint events in CWC NEVOD and PRISMA-32 facilities is given. Data on the response of CWC and PRISMA-32 to the passage of the EAS in joint events are presented.
The work was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (grant 18-32-00214 mol_а).


  1. A.A. Petrukhin. Cherenkov water detector NEVOD. Phys. Usp. 2015.V. 58. 486-494.
  2. D. Gromushkin, V. Alekseenko, A. Petrukhin, O. Shchegolev, Yu. Stenkin, V. Stepanov, I. Yashin, E. Zadeba. The array for EAS neutron component detection. Journal of Instrumentation. 2014. V. 9. C08028.

Primary authors

Alexander Bulan (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI) Fedor Bogdanov Dmitrii Gromushkin

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