29 July 2018 to 4 August 2018
Russian Academy of Sciences
Europe/Moscow timezone

Photon detectors and front-end electronics for RICH detectors in high particle density environments

3 Aug 2018, 11:25
Blue Hall (Russian Academy of Sciences)

Blue Hall

Russian Academy of Sciences

Leninsky Prospekt, 32а Moscow 119071 Russian Federation
oral presentation [20+5 min] Technological aspects and applications of Cherenkov detectors Technological aspects and applications of Cherenkov detectors


Paolo Carniti (INFN and University of Milano Bicocca)


Next generation ring imaging $\mathrm{\check{C}erenkov}$ detectors at high luminosity accelerators, like HL-LHC, have to provide particle identification in increasingly challenging conditions.
The photon detectors will have to cope with high track densities, leading to hit rates up to $\mathrm{10\ Mhits\ {s}^{-1}\ {mm}^{-2}}$, and with high radiation levels, namely a total dose up to a few Mrad and neutron fluence up to $\mathrm{10^{14}\ {n}_{eq}\ {cm}^{-2}}$.
For this purpose, high segmentation, fast and radiation tolerant photon detectors operating in single photon regime are required.
Silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) and micro-channel plates photomultiplier tubes (MCP-PMT) are among the most promising devices that could be adopted.
In this contribution I will present the work carried out for the performance evaluation of the latest models of SiPMs and MCP-PMTs available by Hamamatsu and SensL, with timing measurements in single photon regime, dark count rate measurements on new and irradiated devices, also as a function of bias voltage and operating temperature.
These new photon detectors will require tailored front-end electronics in order to exploit the better timing characteristics and to implement other functionalities to reduce occupancy, like multiple photon detection.
Studies for the realization of the upgraded version of the CLARO chip, an ASIC developed by our group for the readout of multi-anode PMTs, will also be presented.

Primary authors

Paolo Carniti (INFN and University of Milano Bicocca) Claudio Gotti (INFN and Univeristy of Milano Bicocca) Gianluigi Pessina (INFN and Univeristy of Milano Bicocca)

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