20-27 February 2019
HSE Study Center “Voronovo”
Europe/Moscow timezone

Veto signal consideration for the muon induced single neutron background in the DANSS experiment

25 Feb 2019, 20:48
HSE Study Center “Voronovo”

HSE Study Center “Voronovo”

Voronovskoe, Moscow Russian Federation
Talk [10+2 min] Young Scientist Forum


Ershova Anna (MIPT)


The DANSS experiment aims to search for sterile neutrinos. It is a compact neutrino spectrometer located at the Kalinin NPP close to the core of an industrial power reactor. Detection of the reactor antineutrino is based on the Inverse Beta-Decay (IBD) reaction. The detector records about 5000 events per day after subtracting the background. The significant contribution to background events is made by neutrons from the interaction of cosmic muons formed in the materials surrounding the detector volume.
In this study the distribution of single secondary neutrons from muons in passive shielding was simulated considering the veto background suppression.

Primary author

Ershova Anna (MIPT)

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