Scientific Programme

The Workshop will have plenary sessions with invited talks giving a broad overview of the topics of the Workshop and selected contributed talks on more specific subjects of general interest.

There will be plenty of space for poster contributions which can be visited throughout the Workshop. Dedicated poster sessions will be held to give participants the opportunity to chat with the authors.

The topics of the Workshop are:

  • Cherenkov light imaging in particle and nuclear physics experiments
  • Cherenkov detectors in astroparticle physics
  • Novel Cherenkov imaging techniques for future experiments
  • Photon detection for Cherenkov counters
  • Pattern recognition and data analysis
  • Alternative PID techniques
  • Technological aspects and applications of Cherenkov detectors
  • Remembering Pavel Cherenkov

Oral Presentations

The speaker must be an author of the presented paper, and each person may give no more than one talk. The Workshop language is English.

The talks must be presented on a computer video projector (beamer). Any contribution for the beamer must be a file of the following formats:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt or pptx)
  • Adobe Acrobat (pdf)

The file with your presentation must be uploaded to the conference management system (Indico) in due time before your talk.

Poster Presentations

The maximum width for a poster is 95 cm. A standard height of 119 cm is suggested. We suggest using the A0 format (84×119 cm2) or the 4×4 US Letter format (34″×44″). At least one author of the poster must participate in the Workshop and must be present at the poster session.